Rubber mulch is one great option you can use in your gardening landscape bed. Rubber mulch is generally made up of tire waste buffing or tire rubber nuggets which are ground whole after removing the steel bands. The rubber is grounded into granules.

Almost all tires can be utilized for rubber mulch making, this include tires for large trucks and passenger vehicles. To produce buffing, treads from tires are recycled after removing the remains of worn-down treads from tires for retreading.

In general, buffing are thin rubber slivers. The size of a nugget usually ranges from 10-32mm or 3/8-1ΒΌ inch.

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You can get rubber mulch in a variety of colors similar to the wood chips you can purchase for your landscape bedding. Rubber mulch costs more on the front end, but has a longer life span saving you money in the long run.

In addition to using rubber mulch for your garden, you can use it for a playground area or a ball field to provide a soft cushion. It’s pretty versatile and doesn’t need much maintenance to maintain its appearance. In a garden, rubber mulch will help block weeds from growing through the surface. When it’s time to refresh your mulch, you can add another layer of rubber mulch if you choose without having to remove the old rubber mulch.

You can purchase roll out rubber mulch, such as Permanent Mulch- Roll Out Rubber Mulch – Brown 2′ x 6′ Roll which offers you a quick roll out method to apply rubber mulch to your garden bed.

Another option is a 20- pound bag of rubber mulch nuggets – Phoenix Recycled #BMP82030-100 20LB Brown Rubber Mulch. Each bag is reasonably priced for its expected life span in your garden. You can also get the Phoenix Recycled rubber mulch in the red rubber mulch.