Decorative concrete curbing is a kind of decorative landscape curbing making use of concrete. It’s become quite famous over the past decade and serves as an alternate to metal or plastic landscape edging.

Installation of decorative concrete curbing has become popular in garden landscapes all over the world. Usually, a special machine specifically designed for concrete landscape curbing is used for installation. Because of the laborious and expensive installation process involved with decorative concrete curbing, it’s usually done to make a permanent border. It’s not advisable to install this in areas with changeable landscape, like around a swimming pool that is not permanent because it will not last long, or near pine trees where borders have a great tendency to expand as the tree continues to grow.

Decorative concrete curbing can also be utilized to emphasize a flowerbed or any other areas which has been landscaped. There are many available stamps and colors in varying options to achieve the kind of look that you desire. The concrete border, aside from its decorative purpose also serves as a barrier of plant roots. Because of its natural heavy weight, decorative concrete curbing doesn’t rise when there is frost, not like plastic landscape edging.

Decorative concrete curbing could prove to be a very durable and beautiful option when it comes to landscaping borders and edges. It’s not so hard to make the concrete curbing. Moreover, it freely allows you to add your personal touch, like decorative stamping and color addition in your concrete. A simple tip though, if you’ll be using a product made of real wood for the concrete forms, make sure that the sides which will get in contact with concrete will be sprayed liberally with cooking spray. This will allow molds to be easily released from your concrete once it’s been cured.