One of the most popular colors for an exterior front door is the green front door. Want to know what a green front door means? The color green is inspiring and a great choice to paint your front door.

According to the rules of Feng Shui the color of your front door can have an impact on the whole house. Choose the color of your front door wisely when you give your home a facelift.

Homes that face east and southeast do well with green front doors. There are many shades you can use to paint your front door green. These include emerald, loden, lime and teal green.

In some cultures a green front door represent growth because of it is the shade of green plants in nature. In China, for example, green is connected to life, east and the sunrise. If you’re environmentally conscious, you’ll do well with this  color for your home.

A green door also means prosperity because it is the same color as dollar bill currency in the United States. Some people may paint their front door green to attract and humbly celebrate wealth.

A green exterior door can signify safety. This meaning for green is represented with the green signal  on a traffic light. It means that it is safe for a person to proceed into traffic. You can show others that your home is a safe haven by painting your front door green.

Whatever shade of green you use to paint your front door, choose one that goes along with the rest of your house. If your house’s exterior is a more muted color, choose a bold paint color for the front door. If the house itself makes a bold statement, a more subdued color green will work best on your front door. It is best not to be overpowering.