The meaning of blue front doors.

One of the most eye-catching front door colors is a blue front door. Perhaps you’re considering painting your front door blue and want to know the meaning of blue front doors.

Here are some reasons why other homeowners may paint their front doors blue.

Blue represents water and abundance. In the Chinese philosophy of feng shui, blue represents water and abundance. It belongs to the water element. It is a wonderful feng shui color with many hues. There are many ranges of blue from light, to bluish green to deep indigo blue.home-curb-appeal-blue-front-exterior-door-photo-photos

Having a blue front door is soothing because blue is often associated with the sky and crisp refreshing water. If you want your home’s curb appeal to suggest a feeling of abundance and prosperity, a blue front door is a good choice for your home.

Dark blue doors are calm. Piggybacking on the previous point, dark blue doors evoke calm and peace for your home. So having a blue exterior door at your entrance creates a sense of calm for those that enter through the door into your space. It is also said to bring lots of positive energy into a space.

Blue doors represent trust, loyalty and stability.
The color blue is often linked with thoughts and feelings of safety and security. If your home is a safe haven, painting your front door blue can reflect that. The deeper the blue color, the more you reflect that feeling of stability for your home’s curb appeal.

If you are going to paint your front door blue, it is advised that you paint the exterior doors that face North, East and Southeast according to feng shui philosophy. If you don’t want to stick to feng shui, feel free to paint a blue front door no matter where it’s facing. It sure to bring calming and secure feelings to your whenever you arrive home.