Exterior window shutters appear in several styles and are made of vinyl, metal, wood or a combination of wood and vinyl. Exterior window shutters come in a broad selection of sizes to fit any window size.

photo by AmethystD

The one  function of exterior decorative shutters is to look attractive. They are totally fastened flat against the exterior wall and don’t have hinges. There is no way they’re going to open and close. In fact, the only time they would move is if they’re not properly installed and encountered to hang loose or collapse from the wall altogether. Some may be used to make the home elegant and others may be installed to help re-create a historical rendition of how the residence used to look.

  • Louvered. Louvered shutters have horizontal slats that are lastingly slanted at an angle to let air in. Louvered form one panel from top to bottom or two small panels with a spacious strip of material between.
  • Raised and paneled. Raised and paneled shutters contain panels in the center which are a lot thicker compared to the rest of the panels. It looks very much similar to a kitchen cabinet door.
  • Board and batten. Board and batten shutters are wood slats that are set up vertically either close jointly or with a space in between the slats. The slats are fastened to two thicker pieces of wood laid horizontally across the. One piece will be near the top with the other piece near the bottom.
  • Bahama. Bahama shutters have a strong resemblance to a louvered shutter. Bahama shutters have a narrower frame. The narrow panels divide the shutters vertically instead of horizontally.
  • Accordion Shutters. Accordion shutters are used as security from severe storms. Accordion shutters work just like an accordion, pulling out from one side to the other and folding up to be almost undetectable.