Decorative front door hardware can give your home a more finished feel and add it your home’s curb appeal. However, there are many people that do not give much consideration to the type of front door handle that they use on their front door. In addition to providing security for a person’s home, a door knob must also match the exterior décor of a person’s home. That’s where decorative front door hardware comes into the picture.

Decorative front door hardware is available in a wide range of materials and styles. It must also be durable. When a person is choosing a decorative door knob for their front door, the most inexpensive choice may not always be the route one should take. For example, most types of brass door handle are manufactured cheaply. Over time, with heavy usage, the plated brass will wear away, which exposes the unsightly plastic or base metal of the knob.

A family who has young children may want to choose a decorative door handle that is constructed from aluminum or stainless. These types of surfaces retain anti-bacterial properties. For those who are older, disabled, or cannot see well, a larger, more ergonomic design will allow the individual to easily grasp the door lock. The type of environment that a person’s home is situated in will be a factor in determining the type of door handle they choose for their home. For example, iron is common material that is used to create beautiful, intricate decorative hardware designs. However, if a person or family lives in a coastal area, the air will contain salt particles that are corrosive to the iron.

How well the elements of the decorative hardware blend into an individual’s home is another important item to be taken into consideration when choosing a door handle. Furthermore, a person will want to ensure that the door lock matches other accessories on their door, such as a door knocker or mail slot. Because door accessories are available in such a wide range of materials, it is possible to customize the accessories of a front door to almost any home’s décor. If a front door is constructed of wood, then brass or iron fixtures will lend an elegant addition. However, it is important to ensure that the decorative hardware of a front door adds a subtle element and does not become the main feature of the door.