A round top door can be a unique architectural element for a home, whether it is on the interior or the exterior of the house. This whimsical element is reminiscent of Gothic, Tudor and medieval architecture.

There are numerous types of round top doors. Generally, these doors can vary from six feet to twelve feet in height. They are most commonly constructed from various types of wood, such as oak. However, it is not uncommon to find this style constructed from different metals.

In accordance with the decor of its setting, the door will most likely contain elaborate, decorative handles and hinges. For example, if it is a Tudor arch door, then its decorative element will most likely contain elaborate scroll work of copper or brass. A Gothic arch door will most likely contain scroll work that is constructed of wrought iron.

A Tudor arch door or a Gothic arch door are the two most commonly seen types of round top door. The Tudor style is characterized by the use of rich woods, such as oak or mahogany. Their designs are generally derivatives of those seen on English manors or castles.

A Tudor arch door generally also has a window, which is usually constructed of leaded glass. A Gothic door arch design is typically derived from Renaissance architecture. It is primarily characterized by the narrow, pointed arch, which is called a Lancet arch. These are created from a variety of different woods, which are usually stained to a dark color.

Another defining feature of a Gothic arch door is its elaborate glass paneling, which often extends over the top of the doorway and down its sides. This paneling often contains detailed stained glass work, which generally depicts scenes of botanical prints, Biblical characters or stories, and characters from mythology.