A garden wouldn’t be complete without a few garden accessories to enhance the overall look. There are a variety of garden accessories available: some manufactured while others hand sculpted. Some garden accessories are only artful in nature while others serve more practical purposes for your garden.

Here are five of the best garden accessories for your garden.


Photo by Dani Simmonds

Bird Baths. Invite nature into your front yard with a charming bird bath as part of your landscape design. Bird baths come in a variety of materials including stone and resin. You can choose a bird bath with sitting water or a two-in-one bird bath and fountain. Your landscape will draw the attention of thirsty birds and other creatures and give your front yard a nature-friendly appearance.

Hanging Baskets. Not everyone likes planting flowers in the ground. Perhaps you’re one of these people. You can add pops of floral color throughout your landscape by using hanging baskets. Place the hanging baskets on hooks rooted in your lawn, or hang them from your entryway. Hanging baskets are one of the most popular and common garden accessories.

Garden Sculptures.
Garden Sculptures aren’t the most functional of garden accessories, but they sure do look nice when strategically placed throughout a landscape. Use garden sculptures to represent you and your interests. If you’re a dog lover, place a sculpture of a dog on your porch. If you like angels, a cherub garden sculpture might be right for you.


Photo by Stephen Davies

Stepping Stones. Stepping stones serve a very practical purpose for your landscape. They not only look great, but signify a designated area where people can walk. This is particularly useful if you have grass or ground covering to protect. Consider adding stepping stones to your list of garden accessories. Place them throughout your landscape or create an extra pathway from your driveway to your front door. How you use your stepping stones depends on the layout of your yard.

Water Fountain. The peaceful sounds of a water fountain makes this a popular choice among garden accessories. You can power the water fountain with electricity or use a solar-powered model. The choice is up to you.

Stay tuned as we’ll soon delve more into each of these garden accessories and recommend the best kind for your landscape.