Find Home Improvement Ideas Through Curb Appeal Photos

Home curb appeal photos are ideal if you’re designing your home’s landscape or finding ideas to improve your home’s appearance. There are numerous photos you can look at to find inspiration for your home’s exterior.

Periodically on this site, we add home curb appeal photos for you to enjoy. Here are several more home curb appeal photos you can use to find ideas for your home.


The tree in front of this home provides shade and a nice canopy of green leaves for the shrubs below it. The owner of this home as also bordered the dark green shrubs with lighter green shrubs and white flowers in a multidimensional landscaping technique. The light tan exterior home paint color goes nicely with the reddish brown brick.

Charming Vintage Porch

Those that like a wild flower garden will enjoy looking at this garden of white and pink flowers. The garden is a nice view from the street as well as the charming vintage covered porch. The beige tones of the porch and the columns give this home a cozy curb appeal.

The olive green door on this home is inviting and tranquil. The warm green front exterior door provides a contrast to the pale pink exterior paint on the house. Flower pots line the walkway leading visitors to the front door. Bright little sunflowers dress up the front of the house.


The homeowner of this house has chosen to create some curb appeal by bordering the outside of the home with low shrubs. The small evergreen shrubs will provide color all year around. The home’s covered porch adds a lot of charms and features an inviting arrangement of patio chairs.


These two windows provide the perfect location for six terra cotta flower pots holding red geraniums. The blue trim around the exterior of the windows contrasts nicely with the red flowers providing bursts of color.