Different types of landscaping edging

Placing landscape garden edging around your garden does a lot to improve your home’s curb appeal. Landscape edging allows you to make a distinct line between your garden and the lawn, separating and keeping each area neat.

You can install landscape edging before you plant your garden, or afterward if you have an established garden. It is easier, however, to install landscape garden edging before planting.

Here are some landscape garden edging options you can choose from to neatly edge a garden.

Master Mark Plastics Terrace Board Brown Landscape Edging Coil


This landscape edging by the Master Mark Plastics company features 100 percent recycled materials so it’s an environmentally friendly choice. Because it’s brown it’s natural looking to blend in with your garden. It is also a flexible lawn edging for easy installation.

You can use the Master Mark 95340 Plastics Terrace Board Brown Landscape Edging to create a raised layer of mulch, soil or rocks for your garden. This landscape garden edging comes in an 5-inches by 40-foot coil and an 3-inches by 40-foot coil. You can also buy stakes to anchor the edging in the ground.

To read more about this landscape garden edging product and for purchasing information check out Master Mark Plastics Terrace Board Brown Landscape Edging.

Lightstone Garden Edging by Grandin Road

Light Stone Garden Edging offers a natural stone edging look without the heavy weight. The Lightstone Garden Edging comes with 14 landscape edging stones. This stone landscape garden edging can be placed along your garden border as well as walkways and patios. It will boost your home curb appeal. And if you decide you don’t like how it’s placed, the stone edging is lightweight and easy to move.

The light stone edging is made of real stone and reinforced fiberglass making it very durable from the weather and possible fading.

For product and purchasing information for Light Stone Edging Stones, check out Set of 14, 10 Linear Feet Light Stone Edging.

Easy Gardener 8302AB Hydro Edge Watering Landscape Edging.

landscape-garden-edging-easy-gardner-hydro-edge-watering-landscape-edging The best quality of this landscape garden edging is that is also supplies water to the plants in your garden. The Easy Gardener 8302AB Hydro Edge Watering Landscape Edging is 20-foot-long and can be joined together by other segments to lengthen the landscape coverage area.

Hydro Edge also has two-way adjustable sprinkler heads on the inside of the edging so that it doesn’t get damaged by lawn mowers or trimmers.

For purchasing information, check out Easy Gardener 8302AB Hydro Edge Watering Landscape Edging – 20-Foot.