A garden shepherd hook would be a beautiful addition to your garden and landscape. It provides additional space to hang flower baskets in your yard. Here is how to use garden shepherd hooks to create home curb appeal.

Purchase garden shepherd hooks from your local garden and home center. These are sold in the area with landscaping decor and hanging plants. Garden shepherd hooks will have one or two hooks for hanging your plants, bird feeder or wind chimes. The choice is up to you on how you’ll use them in your landscaping.

Place your garden shepherd hook in the ground in a location that will receive the right amount of sunlight for the plant you’ll use. Put the stake in the ground deep enough so it will be sturdy. Garden shepherd hooks should be visible from the curb and whatever vantage point from which you’d like to enjoy the view of your flowers. A central location on your front lawn is a good location for garden shepherd hooks that will hold plants. If you are hanging wind chimes, place it close to your front porch so that you can enjoy the sounds on the chimes.

Hang your plant, bird feeder or wind chimes on the garden shepherd hooks. The hanging flower or plant basket should be securely on the hook so that it does not fall off. It should be able to withstand a strong breeze. Water your flowers as usual.

If you using the garden shepherd hook to hold a bird feeder, place it away from deck or fence railings or any place where clever squirrels could possibly use for launching just to reach the feeder. It is a great idea to put it near windows where you can also see the birds. The metal pole is usually too narrow for squirrels to climb. Hang the feeders and load it with seeds. Truly, this stop squirrels from climbing, same goes for chipmunks.

Here are two options to purchase: