Decorate with hanging flower baskets

Hanging flower baskets are a great way to add floral color to your home without the hassles of garden planting. Placing flowers in hanging flower baskets is easy to plant and maintain. And if things don’t work out and the plant starts to wither, you can move the basket to a better location.

Here are some tips for using hanging flower baskets to boost your home’s curb appeal.

flower-flowers-hanging-basket-floralChoose the right location for your hanging flower basket. When you select a plant to hang in front of your home, consider its intended location. If your porch is fully exposed to the sun and there is very little shade, then plant sun loving plants.  If you have a shady location for your hanging basket, then choose a plant that enjoys partial shade or full shade. There are many flowers to choose from at your local plant nursery so don’t feel limited to only purchasing, for instance, geraniums in the sun and begonias in the shade. Don’t try to force a plant where it won’t grow and thrive. That would do nothing for your home’s curb appeal.

Feed your flowers. Flowers in hanging baskets still need care. They aren’t maintenance free. You can plant the flowers in a special potting soil mix that provides nutrients periodically. For example, there is Scotts Miracle-Gro Premium Potting Mix that lasts for three months. There is also plant food you can mix with water to feed your flowers, such as Scotts Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food.


Choose a well-drained planter. There is a variety of hanging basket planters you can choose from. Use your own personal style preference when selecting one. The main this is that the planter you choose is well drained. There are wire hanging baskets that are lined with coconut such as Panacea Products Classic Finial Series, Black 14-Inch Hanging Basket that allow the water to drain throughout. There are also plastic baskets that have holes in the bottom. Find a well drained hanging basket that matches the style of your home.

Work in layers. There are 2-tier and 3-tier hanging baskets that stack two and three baskets on top of each other in a layered effect. You get more for your money that way and a lot more floral color to display in the same space. As you water the flowers in the top basket, the water drains to the next and so one. That helps better use of your water supply.  Two and three tier hanging baskets can get pretty heavy so hang them on a sturdy hook.
Here are some recommended hanging basket options and accessories to choose from: