Each spring, many gardeners enjoy the satisfaction of creating beautiful flower beds for the new season. In order to fully showcase the beauty of their flowers, a gardener may want to consider adding garden stone edging around the borders of their flower bed.

Garden edging stones add a distinguished appearance to the overall look of the flower bed, and the job is rather simple so it does not need to be performed by a professional. In order to complete this job, a gardener will need to assemble a shovel, gloves, a hose, and a hand shovel. Although it is fairly easy to perform, the job can be rather messy.

The first step to installing garden stone edging is to measure the area in which the gardener intends to install the garden edging stones. These measurements are necessary so a gardener will know how much stone they need to order. The length of the stones will determine how many needed to be purchased.

The next step is to dig a trench around the outside of the area where the stones will be installed. The depth of the trench should be approximately half of the height of the stones being used. The stones may now be laid into the trench and positioned according to the gardener’s preferences. Each stone should be level. The dirt should be filled in around each stone once it is level.

After the garden stone edging has been installed, the gardener should use their hose to water around the area where the garden stones were placed. There is not a need to flood the area; however, the ground should be fairly moist. Moistening the ground packs the soil more firmly around the stones and makes the garden edging stones more secure. The ground may also be packed down more firmly with one’s feet.

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