A garden trellis is a simple frame that provides a stable frame for climbing plants to grow and spread. Many gardeners wonder how to build a garden trellis; however, it is not a difficult task. More intricate trellises may require a more experienced hand.

Cedar Garden Trellis Arbor

Before a person undertakes the task of building a trellis, there are several items that should be taken into consideration. The first item to decide when you building garden trellis is what kind of material the trellis should be constructed from. Most gardeners opt for a durable form of wood when they build a garden trellis; however, metals, such as copper or iron, may also be used.

The second item when building a garden trellis to consider is the style of the trellis and how well it will incorporate into an individual’s garden. The third item to consider when you want to build a garden trellis is what types of plants the trellis will be supporting. It is important that the garden trellis offers adequate support for vigorous growing plants.

To build a garden trellis, an individual should first purchase the needed materials. For a simple design, sixteen, six foot lengths of durable wood will suffice. Additionally, an individual will need to ensure that they have certain tools, such as a hammer, hand saw, and nails. Fifteen of the slats of wood should be trimmed so that they are the same length. The final slat will be divided into one four inch length piece, one sixteen inch piece, and one thirty six inch length piece.

The next step to build a garden trellis, a person should measure twelve inches from one of the stack of lumber. The four-inch strip should be added to this measure. A level should be used to ensure that it stands at a proper 90 degree angle. The strip should be attached across the surfaces of all fifteen slats. At approximately 24 inches from this crossbar, the sixteen-inch strip should be attached. From the second crossbar, an individual should measure another 24 inches. The thirty six inch strip should be attached in a similar manner to the other two. Now, the garden trellis is completed.

The final step to build a garden trellis will be to dig a hole within the garden and to insert the garden trellis to the desired length. The dirt should be packed in tightly around the trellis to ensure it has adequate support. Finally, an individual should plant their vines at the base of the trellis and allow nature to take its course.