A front yard water feature pond and waterfall is a great way to celebrate nature and show off some great curb appeal. You can build your own front yard pond over the course of a few weekends. A front yard pond works best if you have a large front yard. For a smaller front yard, downscale the size of the pond.

The first thing you’ll want to do is find a location for your front yard pond. A sunny location is great for water plants. Avoid putting your pond under a tree so you won’t have to scoop out fallen leaves. Choose a spot where you can view your pond from your front porch.

Before you dig call your utility company to make there are no buried lines. Spray paint the outline of your pond. Use a shovel to dig the pond and remove the dirt.

If you’re going to have fish in your pond, make it at least 18 inches deep. Since this pond will be in the front yard and accessible to children, plan to put a decorative fence around the pond.

After you’ve removed the dirt from the pond hole, install a 45-mil EPDM liner safe enough for fish. You can get the 45 Mil EPDM Fish Safe Pond Liner here.

Place landscape rocks all around the pond liner to create a border and to hold down the liner.

Put in a pond water pump. Beckett makes the 7060110 210 GPH Underwater Pump for Small Ponds, Fountains, Waterfalls If you don’t have a GFCI outlet installed to power the pump, a licensed electrician can install one for you. Install a water circulation pipe and lead it from the pump to the place you’ll put the waterfall.

Create your waterfall with large flat rocks. To create the water flow, install a plastic pond weir and connect it to the water circulation pipe. The water flows over the weir and down the rocks.

Now you’re ready to fill the pond with water. The tap water will have some natural chemicals in it, such as chloroform, so you’ll want to wait a week before you add plants and fish.