Architectural mailboxes are designed for either residential or commercial use. Its ultimate purpose is to enhance the curb appeal of a home or business. In addition to its decorative appeal, the architectural mailbox should be able to provide spaciousness and security.

The Windsor Aluminum Mailbox and Post System, Black

Homeowners and businesses with decorative mailboxes that are constructed from quality materials will be able to be enjoy them for decades. Architectural mailboxes can be constructed from a variety of materials, such as copper, wrought iron, wood and brass.  Regardless of the material that the mailbox is constructed from, it should be water tight and allow for easy maintenance. Their architectural elements generally match the exterior décor of the home they grace, which adds to the home curb appeal. These mailboxes generally tend to feature elaborate scrollwork or clean lines. Security is another important feature of decorative mailboxes. Each one should match USPS quality standards, and an individual may want to invest in one that has a locking mechanism.

The most important feature of architectural mailboxes and decorative mailboxes is that they enhance the exterior home décor of the house. There are two primary types of mailboxes: wall mounts and post mounts. Wall mounted architectural mailboxes tend to hold a certain type of old fashioned charm. Post mounted decorative mailboxes are most common in suburban settings.

The geographical region that a person lives in may dictate the type of style they must have. The style options for post mounted architectural mailboxes are unlimited. You can find out the different styles of mailboxes that would best showcase the décor of your home. By shopping online for an architectural, decorative mailbox allows you to save time, money, gas and allows you a way to compare various different styles side by side.

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Here are some architectural and decorative mailbox options to choose from: