A wooden or vinyl pergola can add a desirable element to an outdoor living space that is lacking in appeal. It may also be used to enhance the appearance of a front yard or a patio. A front yard pergola can be in ideal method to accent one’s garden in front of their home.

Courtyard 7.5-ft. Vinyl Pergola Arbor

Simply defined, a pergola is multiple columns that support open crossbeams. It provides a stable base for climbing plants and vines. In order to achieve a more customized appearance, a wooden or vinyl pergola may have added elements of wire or latticework. Furthermore, a front yard pergola will allow a gardener to choose the plants that grow upon it. The plants may even be color coordinated to match the landscaping of a front or back yard.

Because wooden and vinyl pergolas are an open concept, it may be decorated climbing flowers to create a walkway from a person’s patio to another outbuilding in their backyard. A front yard pergola may be used to connect the front yard to the side yard or a driveway.

The wooden or vinyl pergola can also be essential in creating a sort of outdoor living room. A wooden pergola is reminiscent of a bygone era of European charm. It also designates a particular space for cooking out, cocktail destination, or casual dining area. This outdoor space may also be decorated with items, such as holiday lights or stereo speakers, to enhance its functionality. Similarly, a wooden or vinyl pergola may be used to connect sections of one’s backyard.

There are multiple other functions that a front yard vinyl pergola or wooden pergola may be used for.  A pergola may be used for creating shade within an individual’s yard. Pergolas may also be created in order to add an element of romance to a person’s yard. They are reminiscent of a bygone era. Placing a small bench or seating area underneath a pergola adds a quiet corner for couples to canoodle.

A vinyl or wooden pergola is simply a desirable element that adds monetary value, in addition to beauty, to an individual’s home. Additionally, it may be customized to suit a person’s unique tastes.

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