Finding the perfect landscape design for your front yard doesn’t have to be complicated. Take a few elements of landscapes you like and make them your own. Below are a few landscape photos that will inspire you to get out in your yard and improve your home’s curb appeal.

This first home features a multi-level approach to landscaping. The border is hostas followed by some taller shrubs and a purple flowering plant in the back just below the window. This give visual appeal on three levels. The walkway is flanked by red geraniums that make for an inviting entry. The flower wreath on the door is also a nice touch.

Red geraniums are an obvious favorite of the homeowner in these curb appeal photo. Concrete pots of the red geraniums line the porch and complement the red front door. It’s a cheerful arrangement. On each side of the walkway there are two flower beds of leafy green plants and more geraniums. The tree to the right provides some shade and height.


A porch with a swing is an inviting sight and this one is no exception. The shrubbery is variety making for an interesting mix. The homeowner adds to nature already there by placing hanging baskets on the porch. It’s for enjoyment for the porch dweller and those viewing the house.

Hostas and a flowering bush give the corner of this house an extra boost of energy and curb appeal. The lush green leaves from the hostas stand out from the dark brick on this home. The visual appeal of the taller flowering plant also helps to draw the eye of passersby.


Evergreen shrubs and flowers make up this colorful variety of landscape plants. This homeowner uses a lot of different textures for visual interest. The flower beds have small bushes and flowers while the porch has concrete flower pots with pink flowers.


These five curb appeal photos should give you some idea of what you may like to have as part of your front yard landscaping. You can do the yard work yourself or hire someone to execute the design you want. Tailor your design to fit your budget. Whatever the plan having a few photos to inspire you will definitely be useful for you project.