Landscape and Garden Design Ideas in photos

We all can use some design inspiration at times. This can be true when it comes to boosting our home’s curb appeal. It’s nice to look at photos to see what others have come up with in terms of their landscape design concept. It’s often the little touches that go a long way.

Here is a collection of home curb appeal photos you can use to inspire you. You may find a few ideas you’d want to incorporate into your home.


Two neatly pruned trees stand out in front of this stately old home. The pair stand over smaller bushes and shrubs and this gives dimension to the simple landscape. The fence along the yard matches the house and nice ties up the outdoor living space.

home-curb-appeal- photo-photos-large-window-flower-boxes

The window of this home is an attention grabber itself, but the occupant has taken the curb appeal a step further by using concrete flower planters along the stairway. This adds a softening touch to the large dark painted window.

home-curb-appeal- photo-photos-porch-swing-pathway-walkway

The owner of this home has embraced the not-so-perfect walkway by using stone and patches of ground covering and hosta plants along the path. The colors of the light blue lattice and the bright purple railing give this home a welcoming vibe.


This home makes use of lush evergreen shrubs in varying sizes and shapes. The green of the shrubs are broken up by the use of burgundy in the landscape. It’s a somewhat formal landscape look, yet diverse enough to draw your attention to various points throughout the layout.


The owner of this home must have had curb appeal in mind when arranging this garden landscape. The green plants along the walkway are bordered by an arrangement of stones. The window baskets in the background and a flower pot in the foreground have a touch of whimsy with bright colored flowers.


This home has a designated garden space along this wide walkway. Yellow tulips and a Japanese maple tree are among the plants to be found in this landscape. There are added bursts of color at the entrance with the flower pots on the stairs.

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