Cleaning out your home’s gutters and downspouts can be a hassle. You have to keep your gutters are clear of snow, leaves and debris because clogged gutters can cause damage to your home. And damage due to gutters and downspouts needlessly works against your home’s curb appeal.

There are some options to reduce how often you have to clean your gutters and downspouts. One option is to purchase gutter guards for your home. There are a variety of gutter guard systems to choose from. Do gutter guards work? Yes. They do as long as you correctly install the right system for your home.

Before we discuss the various gutter guards available, let’s take a look at some facts about gutter guard systems and how they work.

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There are six basic types of gutter guards. There types are the bottle brush, foam type, mesh, non-gutter cover, nylon and reverse curb.

The bristles of the bottle brush guards face upward catching the debris while the water flows below. The foam filter type is made of plastic and fits over the gutter.

The small holes of the mesh guards stop debris from entering, but allow water to flow. Non-gutter is just as it sounds. It’s a thin sheet that allows water to fall off of the roof.

Nylon guards can attach to the gutters without attaching to the shingles. Reverse curve gutter guards have a tiny slit that encourages water to enter, but deflects items such as leaves from entering.

Gutter guards don’t prevent all debris from entering. Nothing is perfect and your gutter guards won’t be perfect either. You’ll still have to occasionally check your gutters, but with a gutter guard system you won’t have to do it as often. That means less trips up the ladder. If you make the monetary investment, keep that in mind.

Install yourself or hire a professional. Depending on the intricacy of your gutter guard system, you’ll feel either comfortable hiring a professional or up to the challenge of installing them yourself. The key is to make sure that the guards are installed properly no matter who installs them.

Now that we’ve discussed the three basic facts about gutter guard systems, you can decide what’s best for your home’s needs. We’ll soon discuss the different brands and weigh the pros and cons of each.