Home curb appeal photos are a great way to get inspiration for your next landscaping project. Choose the design elements you like and put your own spin on it. As long as your home reflects your tastes you can’t go wrong.

Here are three home curb appeal photos you can use to gather landscape design ideas.

The property in this home curb appeal photo uses a large flower garden to not only create curb appeal but to also serve as as a functional border between it and the property next door. Take note of the mix of wild flowers the homeowner uses to create visual interest. The lawn is neatly manicured which adds to the landscape’s appeal.

Shrubbery and purple salvia are fill the front yard landscape of this home with rich color. The green and burgundy shrubs provide color all year long while the salvia is a seasonal interest throughout the yard. The arrangement of these plants provides a lot of depth as you eye is drawn to the front entryway. The light color of the brick on this home is a neutral backdrop to the landscaping. This is a home curb appeal photo you can use for inspiration.

In this third home curb appeal photo you’ll love the charming front entryway to this home. The red doors invite your eye toward the covered porch area where you see a rocking chair. The color complements the brick house and the off white painting on the railing and trim. Two large black flower pots stand on either side of the pathway and provides a nice contrast to stone walkway and the evergreen shrubs you see along the way.

This charming white house stands out in a beautifully classic way in this curb appeal photo. The gray shutters and light roofing are a nice complement against the white paneling. The landscape draws attention to the shrubs, red and pink flowers lining the walkway and driveway. The square shaped evergreens on each side of the front porch are a delightful touch. A lush green lawn inspires you to keep your grass neatly manicured.

You’ll love the charm and care demonstrated in these home curb appeal photos.