Fall is a great time to create curb appeal for your home.

Fall is a wonderful season to boost your home’s curb appeal. The weather isn’t as warm so it makes it easier to work outside. While you’re enjoying the autumn weather, here are a few projects I recommend you do to spruce up your home’s exterior this fall.


Plant a tree on your lawn. Trees add value to property. If you have room for a tree on your lawn, fall is a great time to plant a tree. That’s because the tree is in a dormant state. That makes it easier to transfer from the plant or tree nursery to your home without the tree going into much shock. Choose the tree wisely because it’s an investment. You don’t want to pick the wrong tree for your yard only to have to remove it because it’s growing too tall for your liking or it doesn’t fit in with your landscaping.

Paint your house to boost curb appeal.
Since the hot summer sun won’t be beating down on you, fall is a good time to paint your home. Repaint your shutters to freshen up the paint, or choose a different color completely for your shutters. It’ll feel as though you have a brand new house!

home-curb-appeal-mini-miniature-scarecrow-autumn-joy-sedum-garden-photo-photosUse fall-themed yard décor. You can get whimsical with the yard décor during the fall season. Place pumpkins on your porch or put a mini scarecrow amid your fall garden. These types of yard decor can make a nice touch for adding curb appeal to your lawn.

Choose fall plants for added curb appeal.
You don’t have to work in your garden this fall if you don’t want to. You may want a break from gardening. It would be a nice touch though to have a couple flower pots on your porch. Plant some fall flower favorites. Some great flowers to plant in the fall are chrysanthemums and autumn joy sedum.

Clean the gutters. During the fall, trees lose their leaves. And sometimes these leaves land in your gutters. If you have trees on your property or nearby, make sure the gutters stay clear of leaves and debris. Clean the gutters before it gets cold and the snow starts to fall. You don’t want gutters clogged with leaves and melting snow. Clean gutters also boost your home’s appearance. Ever what looks like mini trees growing out of the gutters? Not a good look.