Here is another collection of home curb appeal photos you can use as landscape design ides for you home. Whether your home is big or small, you’ll appreciate these landscape design idea photos. You may want to try these home curb appeal landscaping ideas for your own home.

Below are a collection of home curb appeal photos to spark some landscape design ideas.

These brownstones have a lot of curb appeal because of several details. The black iron railings and gates provide stately touches. The flowerbeds have shrubs and small trees, including a Japanese maple tree, for added interest. Other curb appeal details are the wood front door of this brownstone that is polished to a nice shine.

This iron balcony terrace is a cozy setting to place a garden of potted flowers and plants. The black iron stands out from the brick on this home drawing your eyes to it. The green plants and flowers enhances this home’s curb appeal by softening the space.

The owners of this home have a lush green sprawling lawn leading to the house. Off to the side the owners have placed a garden walkway for added curb appeal visual interest. Shrubbery and bushes provide a hardy landscape feature for this house’s landscape.

People will feel welcomed to approach your home if you incorporate the curb appeal techniques used for this house’s landscape. Toward the front of the walkway closest to the street you’ll see flowers and shrubbery planted in groupings. As you wind toward the house you’ll notice a garden of flowers surrounding a Japanese maple tree. This stately home also has appealing large windows.

Tall evergreen arborvitae and a Japanese maple tree are the two things you’ll notice when looking at this home’s landscape. There is a lot of structure in this landscape because of the retaining wall that holds the colorful shrubs and flowers. This formal landscaping is very pleasing to the eye.