Rubber Mulch has a lot of advantages compared to mulches that are based on plant material.

Here are some pros and cons of using rubber mulch in your landscape garden bed.

Advantages of Rubber Mulch

• Rubber mulch is much more durable and longer lasting than traditional mulch.

• For gardening and landscaping purposes, both rubber mulch buffing and nuggets insulate the soil from the heat which allow a 2-3 deg F higher temperature difference on soil compared to wood mulches.

• Since rubber is known to be non-porous and doesn’t absorb any water, rubber mulch is considered as beneficial to help keep the soil moisturized.

• Rubber mulch reduces plant and fungus growth, and serves as a barrier for weeds.

• Neither buffing nor nuggets give any humus to soil types which are compacted. Humus is an organic substance from the breakdown of plant material.

• When it comes to elasticity, rubber mulch is obviously more advantageous compared to plant material mulch because of its naturally springy quality making it the natural and best choice for playgrounds. Its natural springiness provides an added safety for the kids each time they fall.

Disadvantages of Rubber Mulch

• Rubber mulch can smell of rubber during very hot weather. This is more likely with new rubber mulch in a large garden area.

• There might be leached chemicals on some variety of rubber mulch, some may even be toxic, which would be very harmful and dangerous to plants. Only use trusted rubber mulch brands such as Dupont Rubber Mulch. Place it over landscape fabric to create a barrier from the garden soil.

• Just like most mulches made of organic materials, rubber mulches could be very hazardous when ignited. Since it’s composed of rubber materials, it would be harder to extinguish.

• Although in general, rubber mulch is safe, tire materials which have been recycled still contain compounds and minerals which could be hazardous when high concentrations are used.

Now that you’re armed with the information you need on this alternative to traditional landscaping mulch you can make a more informed decision.